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For 50 years, Laboratoire Science et Nature has been committed to preserving the environment and human beings by designing organic and ecological products for the cosmetics, cleaning and wellbeing sectors. Our family business places CSR at the heart of its concerns, as shown by our « Beyond Organic » approach, the creation of our corporate Foundation, and the adoption of the legal status of « Entreprise à mission ».

We have a portfolio of eco-responsible brands that evolve in harmony with our values, a development that allows each employee to grow their talents. From the flower to the bottle, our teams master all the stages of designing and manufacturing our products, thus offering a wide range of skills.

Joining our company means sharing our human and environmental values!

A caring 

Laboratoire Science et Nature recognizes the importance of balancing work and personal life in order to thrive in your career. This caring approach manifests in remote work options, independence, advancement opportunities, a voluntary part-time schedule and more.

The idea of sharing, friendly relationships and communication among employees is essential for our company.

Grow with the companY

The multiplicity of our professions gives our employees opportunities for mobility, depending on their wishes.

"I was recruited as a sales assistant. I liked my job but I missed the physical activity... A few months later, there was an open position the shipping department. That's how I took over the position of Warehouse Operator! »


Supporting young students

"I arrived as a student on a work-study program for my professional degree in Purchasing and I continued with 2 years of a master's degree, which means a 3-year adventure as a student in the laboratory. I already knew the company, a family business with great values, designing healthy, innovative and efficient products... My work-study experience? Nothing but happiness! It's a company that knows how to integrate its students from the beginning to the end in a caring way. What I got out of it was the trust given to us and the real responsibilities we were entrusted with. It's a solid professional experience. I had the chance to evolve and to be entrusted with more and more missions. Following this, I signed a permanent contract, with the aim of continuing the work I had set up. These next few years are going to be full of new challenges that I can't wait to take on!"


A personalized 
integration process

It’s very important to us that our employees have a fulfilling career path. This includes a personalized integration process, an attractive training policy and mobility possibility for our employees.

A friendly welcome
An individualized integration process
Training adapted to the position
Personal support
Opportunity to advance or change careers



Our laboratory develops innovative formulas based on natural and organic ingredients. In 2022, 140 products were created or reformulated by our teams.


Weighing of raw materials, manufacturing and packaging are our 3 production steps. 9 manufacturing equipments and 12 conditioning lines allow us to produce more than 6 500 tons of product per year.


Ensuring the delivery of our products to our customers: this is the mission of our logistics teams!


The creativity of our sales and marketing teams helps our brands to develop!

Support services

Our support functions (Purchasing, Packaging, IT, Graphic Studio, Communication and Digital, Accounting...) support the activities of all our brands on a daily basis and participate in the development of the company.

Open positions

Laboratoire Science et Nature designs and manufactures green and organic cosmetics and cleaning products that meet rigorous standards.
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Laboratoire Science et Nature
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