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Since 2000, Laboratoire Science et Nature has put our experience and expertise in organic and natural cosmetics and detergents to work for companies who want to develop their own brand in France or internationally. We support you in developing your projects on every continent and help you set up in strategic geographic areas.

Laboratoire Science et Nature is always monitoring the market and its changes. In order to offer you innovative formulas adapted to your needs, our teams (R&D, production, shipping, marketing, etc.) are all located at our French site.

from idea to product

Our laboratory is committed to carefully implementing your specifications throughout the process, from selecting raw materials to developing custom formulas for you and conducting testing (stability, compatibility, efficacy and regulations). At our high-performance industrial facility, our departments prepare your formulas for manufacturing and packaging.


A marketing brief outlines your expectations and tells us about your project’s context, objective, and constraints, while ensuring it is in line with current trends. 

You will be connected with a designated contact person right from this first stage and they will provide personalised marketing and regulatory support. They will also coordinate all of your project stages, from idea to final product. 

Throughout these discussions, we promise that all information communicated to us will be kept strictly confidential
Based on your needs, we formulate products according to exacting specifications such as ECOCERT, COSMEBIO or COSMOS.


All departments are located at the same site in western France so that our teams can easily communicate, promoting the synergy and creativity needed for product launches. 
Driven by a constant search for innovation, our R&D team designs formulas and packaging that fits your brand image, creating a custom preparation and a unique product.

In addition, our 12 packaging lines provide flexibility and a variety of container choices : jars, bottles, tubes, airless, aerosols, Bag in a Box and more. 

We help you select packaging that is best suited to your market and choose the right terms to clearly and effectively communicate with your target customers.


We will have you test the formula and the packaging in order to gather your feedback on the product so we can make changes if necessary. 

We support you through the key stages of required testing, declarations and certifications to ensure your product is compliant for sale. 

Our regulatory department also takes into account constraints related to export countries to provide you with a product that is adapted to different legislation.


Releasing your product for manufacturing is an important stage. That’s why we complete a trial manufacturing and packaging run. 
Then, we start production while monitoring your product’s quality at every stage, ensuring traceability, verifying labelling and following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to the ISO 22716 standard. 

All our products are made exclusively in France in our specialised factory where we manufacture organic and green cosmetics and cleaning products.


We work with you to ensure your product launches successfully. 

Because we have gotten to know you, because we know all about the product that we have developed based on your expectations, we use our marketing and communication expertise to support your product’s launch. 

As your partner, we work proactively to make sure your brand develops, while maintaining strict confidentiality.

a team to 
support you

A team of Product Managers will help you create your specifications to ensure your project is successful. This team will advise you on market expectations and trends, answer your technical questions and guide you through project completion.

This organisation allows us to:

Work proactively for your brands

Provide comprehensive solutions with complete and complementary ranges

Provide winning mixes with the goal of providing the best value for money

Develop true, lasting partnerships with our customers

our package options

Each project is unique and our goal is to use our recognised expertise in formulating and producing quality MADE IN FRANCE products to serve you. Since our teams pay close attention to your requests and needs, we will be able to support you throughout your process with one of our three custom services :


Existing, tested formula

Standard packaging
This option allows you to quickly and economically complete your project since timelines and regulatory costs are minimised. The finished product just needs your branding.


Existing, tested formula

Custom packaging
Would you like to launch a standard formula in personalised packaging that fits your brand ? 
We will implement it as quickly as possible while maintaining your image, the one your customers will recognise at a glance !


Custom formula

Personalised packaging
Your product is one-of-a-kind. Do you want an innovative formula, fragrance or an active ingredient that sets you apart, plus packaging chosen specifically for you 
We are here to help you bring your idea to life while advising you on market expectations and guiding you on your brand image.

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