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Firmly focused on the future

Laboratoire Science et Nature is firmly focused on the future and driven by the desire to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

Since the very beginning, our company has been known and recognised for our expertise in the green cosmetics and cleaning products markets – true expertise “from flower to bottle” that solidifies our position as a pioneer in these markets.

it's quite a story

"They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it."
Our history is the result of deeply rooted values.
Gilles Guilbaud created his company in Orléans, selling his green cleaning products directly to consumers at home. His wife Marie-Thérèse Guilbaud-Body worked with him to develop the product formulas. 
The Body Nature brand was launched.
Personalised Ranges service begins : custom cleaning products and cosmetic design and manufacturing for private label brands.
Olivier and Antoine, Mr and Mrs Guilbaud’s sons, joined the company to continue the family adventure and propel it to new heights.
Prosens brand created to offer professional hygiene solutions made with Green Chemistry.
The 5000 m² bioclimatic building opened. It was named Cyprès and built to the HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) standard. It houses an R&D lab, manufacturing and packaging.
Centifolia brand purchased. This historic organic cosmetics company was founded in 1983 with values that are perfectly aligned with those of the Guilbaud family. 

Odyssée Nature company tour itinerary unveiled.
Company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility actions formalised in the Au-delà du Bio charter.
Acacia building constructed to handle increased shipping volumes and keep the logistics service at the Nueil-les-Aubiers location.
Laboratoire Science et Nature launches the Guérande Cosmetiques brand in partnership with Les Salines de Guérande.
Creation of the Fondation Science & Nature, placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France. Its mission is to initiate and support projects around 3 fields of action:
- Research : understanding the interactions between Nature, ecosystems and living organisms.
- Preservation : protecting Nature from its massive destruction by human activity.
- Sharing : spreading and protecting Nature’s knowledge everywhere and to all people.
We obtained a new legal status « Entreprise à mission » (Purpose business), and defined our mission as: To give everyone the possibility to take care of themselves, their family and their home, while preserving our Planet.
This legal status establishes a new governance with an Independent Third Party Organization and a Mission Committee responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the mission.
Our dispenser of concentrated product to be diluted in bulk form, named Orêka! is born.
This new service is provided to our professional customers.
We are proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary, together with our employees, our customers and our partners. 50 years of conviction and passion for ecological and organic cosmetics, cleaning and wellbeing products.

Nature is our standard

Over billions of years, Nature has developed active ingredients, ecosystems and collective rules that form a dynamically balanced unit that is complex, fragile and full of fascinating ingenuity. Laboratoire Science et Nature uses science to explore, to analyse and to protect them, putting our knowledge to work to design services, principles, products and a philosophy for collective well-being.

A historical expertise

Since 1972, we have been designing innovative formulas based on natural and organic ingredients. Our products are monitored by a strict quality control and comply with the most rigorous specifications: Ecocert, Cosmos, Cosmebio, Demeter and Organic Agriculture.

The eco-design of our products is at the heart of our priorities and particular attention is placed on the analysis of the life cycle: raw materials, formulation, manufacturing, use and end of life.

Laboratoire Science et Nature’s cosmetic, cleaning and well-being product Research & Development expertise meets the most exacting standards, including ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 26000, ISO 22716, COSMOS and OHSAS 18001.

An integrated industry on our natural area

The laboratory also has its own manufacturing, packaging and supply chain facilities at its site in the Deux-Sèvres department, France, an hour away from Nantes. Our equipment can be used to produce several types of products (shampoo, lotion, detergent and cream) and package them in various containers, including tubes, bottles, jars, cans, BIB (Bag-In-Box) in volumes ranging from 3ml to 20L. 

Orders are shipped to French and international destinations.

In 2023, Laboratoire Science et Nature produced 6 500 tons of products and packaged 8.5 million units.

Purpose business by Nature

Since the beginning, our company has been driven by its responsible commitments. Our choices respect our core values and are part of a global policy that ranges from French manufacturing to eco-design, including the preservation of resources and biodiversity, the creation of a Foundation to support initiatives in connection with our convictions and the adoption of the new legal status of « Entreprise à mission » (Purpose business), and define our mission as :

To give everyone the possibility to take care of themselves, their family and their home, while preserving our Planet.

Our CSR approach is based on 3 levels:

Our products
Our manufacturing environment
Our consciousness

A living, innovative, multidisciplinary approach that evolves with time and the objectives we set for an ever more responsible future.

Strong brands, unique experience

Laboratoire Science et Nature offers a portfolio of environmentally friendly brands that provide opportunities for meaningful consumption. These brands, which are different yet work together, as well as the unique Odyssée Nature experience, are anchored in the company’s desire to share our knowledge, expertise and convictions and make them accessible.
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key figures

million in turnover
8,5 million
units produced
6 600
tons of products manufactured
of energy used is renewable
plant species on the Estate
animal species on the Estate
of GHG saved
of revenues invested in R&D
products created per year
Over 50 years
of innovation
Laboratoire Science et Nature designs and manufactures green and organic cosmetics and cleaning products that meet rigorous standards.
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Laboratoire Science et Nature
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