Everything starts in 1972. Mr. Guilbaud, a visionary with ecological values, founded the Laboratoire Science et Nature. He developed cleaning, cosmetic and well-being products that were healthy for both mankind and the environment. 50 years later, our company perpetuates and strengthens its commitments through its « Beyond Organic » approach, as well as its new legal status « Entreprise à mission » (« Purpose company ») and its Foundation.


In 2012, we formalized all our actions in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with our « Beyond Organic » approach. An approach that takes on 3 dimensions: the product, the environment, the consciousness and 12 concrete commitments. Beyond Organic is part of a continuous improvement process and encourages everyone to be more responsible.


Our desire is to manufacture cosmetic, cleaning and wellbeing products with the lowest possible impact on the environment, throughout their life cycle. We use ingredients of natural origin and an eco-comparator guides us in the choice of packaging for our products.


We promote responsible consumption with concentrated, effective and biodegradable formulas. Dilution allows for less water to be used in the manufacture of the product, offers an economical format and limits packaging.

Raw materials

Our products are formulated with innovative active ingredients from plants, studied by our Research & Development Laboratory. 7 hectares of Red Vine are cultivated on our estate: leaves and shoots are used in the composition of our products. We also cultivate plants such as Rose, Lily, Rosemary, Verbena, Marshmallow, Pine and Sage, which we use as raw material.

Organic standards

We design products that meet the most demanding specifications: Ecocert, Cosmos, Organic Agriculture... To obtain our certifications, our company is audited by certification agencies.


Photovoltaic power plants, wind turbines and boilers run on biomass are installed on our site. We preserve natural resources by using 100% renewable energy on the 125 hectares of our estate.


We preserve the biological balance of our estate, which has 9 different biotopes, 176 animal species and 148 plant species, through a variety of actions: Bird Protection League refuge, biodynamic cultivation methods, selective mowing, insect shelters...


Cyprès, the building that houses our Research & Development Laboratory, as well as our production plant, integrates the High Environmental Quality standard. Its design includes materials that offer an excellent level of performance in terms of insulation, such as bio-bric. The building also includes a green roof.

Carbon footprint

We have been measuring our carbon footprint since 2008 and are implementing actions to reduce it as much as possible. 36% of our greenhouse gas emissions were avoided in 2020. In parallel, the planting of trees on our estate since the creation of our company partly offsets our carbon impact.

Work life quality

We promote the well-being of our teams and make everyone a contributor to the company. 91% of our employees are satisfied with their work-life balance.


Our will is to increase the awareness of all generations to ecology through our sales method and our industrial tourism activity.


We support associations committed to sustainable development through our Foundation. Several associations have been supported following calls for projects : the Fédération Connaître et Protéger la Nature (Federation of Knowledge and Protection of Nature) and the Cols verts Strasbourg (Urban farming) in 2020 ; MiniBigForest, Les compagnons du végétal, Sèvre environnement and le Groupe ornithologique des Deux-Sèvres in 2022.


We favor strong and lasting partnerships with local and national suppliers who share our values. A Charter of Sustainable Purchasing is shared with them and our ambition is to associate them with our improvement process.

à mission

In line with our societal and environmental commitments, we have naturally adopted the status of « Entreprise à mission » (Purpose business), a French legal framework endorsed by the PACTE law in 2019. The definition of our mission reinforces our founding values and enriches our Beyond Organic approach: "Giving everyone the opportunity to take care of themselves, their families and their homes, while preserving our planet". This principle has been applied since the company's creation and is now enshrined in our status.

To guarantee the application of our mission on a daily basis, a mission committee, composed of external and internal members of our company, is in charge of monitoring our objectives and publishes a mission report.

science & nature


Because Nature, its understanding and its preservation have been at the heart of our commitments since the beginning of our history, in 2018 we opened a new chapter, with the creation of the Science & Nature Foundation. Placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France, its mission is to support initiatives that seek to understand and protect Nature.

Two main actions are underway: partnership with the National Museum of Natural History and the launch of calls for projects

Highlight on the National Herbarium

Our Foundation supports the digitization of the ethnobotanical collections of the Herbarium of the National Museum of Natural History. This crucial step for the research work around the preservation of biodiversity facilitates the exchanges between scientists from all over the world, to preserve the original herbaria and to keep this precious information digitally.

Associations supported through a call for projects

Since 2020, our Foundation has launched calls for projects to support initiatives related to the preservation of the plant world and the reconnection of men with Nature. A jury composed of employees and external members of our company examines the applications received and determines which ones can be voted on by the public.

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Laboratoire Science et Nature designs and manufactures green and organic cosmetics and cleaning products that meet rigorous standards.
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