French manufacturer

of organic cleaning and cosmetic products
since 1972.

Turning ideas into products

Our packaged solutions

Every project is unique. We are able to adapt to any request in a reactive way by offering you three packaged solutions :

  • Quick Pack

    Do you wish to use a standard formula and an existing packaging item ?

    This solution guarantees you a quick design at a low cost. All you need to do is add your label to the finished product.

  • Adapted Pack

    Do you wish to combine a standard formula with an original packaging solution ?

    We undertake to design it for you within a short period of time, allowing you to personalise your in-store image : this solution will no doubt differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Personalised Pack

    Tailor-made formula, unique product, brand image: do these ideas sum up your requirements ?

    We will develop a specially adapted formula and packaging item, whilst complying with market expectations and your brand image.

Project management stages

  1. The first stage consists in receiving your marketing brief

    Discovering and analysing your expectations, studying the market's structural and contextual trends

  2. Next, you choose the pack you want

    Choosing the product pack most suited to your expectations

  3. The first formula and packaging suggestions are then sent to you

    Test your product and improve the formula

  4. We provide you with marketing advice

    Approaching your target customers using the right words

  5. Regulatory support

    Knowing, understanding and applying the various regulations in force

  6. Industrial deployment

    Launching the manufacturing and production phase, with quality checks each step of the way

  7. Product marketing

    Ensuing successful product launches