French manufacturer

of organic cleaning and cosmetic products
since 1972.

Expertise at your service

Our know-how, associated with our cutting-edge industrials tools, helps us provide you with the best possible solutions to meet your requirements.

Expert product kowledge

Our expertise Our expertise Our expertise

As well as manufacturing and packaging, our R&D laboratory is constantly on the lookout for new formulas specifically designed to meet your needs.

We also have the skills required to test long-term formula stability, and coordinate the conveyance of a formula to the manufacturing stage.

Professional experts

Any questions you may have about markets or technical product feasibility will be answered by our experienced Product Managers, available to guide and advise you. This is how we distinguish ourselves in terms of customer satisfaction:

  • Advice
    • You will be allocated with a unique and personal Product Manager
    • You will benefit from marketing and regulatory support throughout your project
  • Responsiveness
    • Compliance with deadlines
    • Team availability
  • Innovation
    • On the lookout for new active ingredients
    • Prospective R&D approach
  • Production capacity
    • 13 packaging lines
    • Varied packaging types and capacities: tubes, bottles, airless, Bag in Box, aerosols, etc.
  • Quality
    • Checks are completed at each stage of the production process: raw material receipt, Good Manufacturing Practices, packaging
    • Development of cutting-edge formulas (Ecocert, Cosmebio and Cosmos certifications)

Technical expertise

For over 40 years now, we have been committed to designing products that comply with demanding standards such as Ecocert, Cosmebio and Cosmos.

All products developed and manufactured by us are safe and respectful of Mankind and the Environment - the cornerstone of Laboratoire Science & Nature. We are also able to offer natural products (certified or not).

Expertise on an international level

Our skills can help support the development of your products in international markets.